At My Pawfect Adventure, all our hosts (and ourselves) are fully licensed. So what does this mean and why is it important? Well using a licensed boarder to look after your dogs protects your beloved pet.

How does it work?

To look after animals, you should go through a rigorous inspection. At My Pawfect Adventure, we meet all our hosts in their homes and make sure they meet all the council guidelines, as well as our high standards, before we submit their application. After this, they get a visit from Environment Health and go through every aspect of health & safety, e.g.:

  • Fire safety in the home and how to keep the dog safe if a fire breaks out, no loose & trailing wires, no freestanding oil heaters, fully working smoke alarms etc
  • Your boarder can only look after a certain number of dogs, so you’ll never have your dog stuffed into a small room with too many dogs – a recipe of disaster!
  • Where your dog sleeps, he/she must be kept in a home environment, not an outside structure or kennel
  • Protection of your dog in case of illness, or if another animal in the home gets sick
  • Your dog must be exercised and fed in accordance with the information you’ve provided. In other words, your dog will stick to their routine and get plenty of exercise!
  • The home must be secure and have a safe and fenced-off garden for your dog to play
  • No dog will be left in a home, on their own, for more than 3 hrs at a time. I find that My Pawfect Adventure hosts don’t even leave dogs for that long, they want to make the most of the dog’s holiday!
  • The dog home boarding license must be on display or visible if you, or a council inspector, wants to see it
  • First aid kits are provided by us, just in case your dog gets a minor injury. Anything more serious and we’d always endeavour to take your dog to your registered vet. However, our company – and all our hosts – are also registered with a local vet too; in case of emergency

These are just a few of the points on the checklist that home boarders have to fulfil. So you can see it’s well worth going with a boarder who is fully insured. Heaven forbid, if something did happen during your dog’s stay, an unlicensed boarder may also find that their insurance is invalid and that’s the last thing you want!

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