If you’re going on holiday and can’t decide where would be the best place for your dogs, consider dog home boarding. Here are the reasons your dog will love home boarding:

  • All our hosts, and ourselves, are completely dog-mad. Whether your dogs stay in a home with resident dogs, or with a host family who used to own dogs, rest assured your dog will be loved during his/her stay
  • Your dog gets lots of exercise. When I do the ‘meet and greet’ and come and meet you & your dogs, I ask many questions about your dogs routine, including exercise. This is usually a minimum requirement for during your dog’s holiday. So rest assured, your dog will get lots of fun walkies during their stay!
  • Your dog gets to enjoy days out. When we board dogs, we take them everywhere with us, whether that’s a dog-friendly beach, a local country park or on a big adventure.
  • Your dog will sleep in a comfy bed. Rather than a kennels, pack your dog’s comfortable bed and I’ll take it to their holiday home and they can enjoy a comfortable bed in a warm, loving home
  • Your dog will maintain their routine. Just like children, dogs thrive on routine. So if your dog gets a walk before breakfast, this will be maintained during your dog’s holiday
  • We understand that all dogs have quirks! We’ve had dogs afraid of a sweeping brush, afraid of binbags or will try to charge at cars! This is one of the reasons I do the ‘meet & greet’ initial meeting, I find out all about your dogs likes/dislikes and other quirky behaviour so we have a full picture of your dog prior to their holiday; ensuring they are completely happy during their stay
  • We’ll place your dog with the right family. Whether your dog is unsure of other pets, or not, we can place him/her with other dogs or in families without dogs. Also if your dog is very active, we’ll ensure he/she is placed with a very active family; if your dog prefers cuddles then he’d likely stay with a dog loving retired person
  • All our homes are fully licensed and insured. I can’t stress the importance of placing your dog with a licensed boarder to ensure the appropriate safety checks have been done and insurance is in place (without a license, insurance could be invalid)

So if you’re considering trying dog home boarding, call me and we can talk about your dogs and whether My Pawfect Adventure will be a good fit for you both!

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