One of my dogs loves a good roll, he doesn’t just like fox poo (although that’s his favourite), he’ll also roll in bird poo, dead slugs or mice and all manner of gross things. Despite all this, he’s still adorable 🙂 but; seriously; what can you do if your dog just loves a good roll?

Practising recall is a good idea at any time, usually by having their favourite treat which makes you more attractive than something yukky on the ground. Look out particularly for signs of a possible roll, such as scratching at the ground or a lowering of a head so you can recall your dog before this happens. However, this may not always work and sometimes just going on a different walking route if you know there’s fox poo is a particular area. Or put your dog on the lead in certain ‘danger’ areas.

What if he’s rolled?

There are specific shampoos to get rid of the distinctive smell of fox poo, but always use a dog shampoo but any designed for humans. Overwashing can strip your dog’s natural oils from his coat though so this isn’t feasible if he rolls on every walk and you go out 3 times a day!

Some people swear by applying tomato ketchup, but putting it on asap and leaving for a good 10 minutes is advisable so may not be the most practical method but worth a try if you have a serial roller.

You can buy spray on ‘fox poo’ odour eliminators, such as sprays & wipes for fairly cheap such as this one on Amazon:

I’d love to hear if you have any strategies for getting rid of this disgusting smell! You can visit us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I’d love to hear from you!

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