If you’re anything like me, you probably hate when you have to leave your dog! However, it’s impossible to take your dog everywhere with you and there will be times when you have to leave your beloved pooch at home. How can you make sure your dog feels happy and secure when you’re out:

If you can, make sure you walk your dog before you leave; or at least have a few games of ball with him so he’s feeling tired when you leave

Make a safe & cosy area for your dog. This could be a crate, if your dog likes it, or a bed in a quiet corner with his toy or a blanket. Doing so will make your dog see this as his rest time and he can have a big sleep while you’re gone

Leave some background noise on, such as the radio playing or some soft music. Just having this noise will comfort your dog if he tends to stress about being alone

Feed your dog a treat before you leave and make sure he’s been outside to relieve himself. Always leave water before you go

If he gets separation anxiety, then leave something with your scent on. Sleep with a blanket and then let him cuddle that when you leave. This will go a long way to relieving your dog’s stress

Provide some fun toys, such as a Kong filled with treats. This can provide hours of fun, and mental stimulation, for your dog as he works to lick out the delicious food inside!

When you leave, don’t show your stress. It’s amazing how our dogs react to our mood so, if he senses that you’re upset about leaving him, he’ll think there’s a good reason for your upset. So keep your tone and mood upbeat.

When you return, although you’re probably tempted to shower your dog with love and cuddles; also keep your return low-key. Making a fuss of your dog does seem so natural yet it will make the contrast of when you’re not there even more apparent to your dog.

Don’t leave your dog for longer than 3-4 hours on a regular basis, if you can. Otherwise recruit help from a neighbour, friend or professional to walk your dog; or at least let him out to relieve himself

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