Anyone who’s owned a dog, or looked after one, can vouch for the fact that every dog has its own unique personality and they experience basic feelings, such as happiness, sadness and fear, just like us! It’d be great if dogs could talk and tell us what’s going on inside, but – as they can’t – it’s worth getting to know their unique body language which can deepen the bond between you & your dog. Here are some of the signs to look out for:


This one is probably the easiest and the one we’ll see the most of, as dogs are always so happy to be around us! A waggy tail is a sure sign of a happy pooch but others include relaxed ears which flop around if that’s the type of dog you have or relaxed face – often panting with their tongue out – and some dogs even appear to smile!


If your dog is afraid then this is usually obvious and you’ll get to know their actions, either by trying to hide, cower to make themselves appear smaller or growling defensively. A dog’s ears are often flat against their head and their face seems tense and some dogs even yawn constantly or lick their lips as a sign of stress.


Frustrated dogs are often tense and their legs appear to go stiffer, often lunging at their source of frustration or run away from it. Dog’s ears are often pricked as well and often-times a dog in this state won’t listen well to your commands.

The longer you have a dog, the more you’ll get to know his little personality quirks and you can offer comfort in negative situations or revel in his/her happiness at being around you!

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