Some dogs love a car ride, others hate it, however it’s often a necessity if you want to go on an adventure with your pooch! How can you keep your best friend safe while you’re travelling:

Keep them secure

You wouldn’t travel without a seat belt and the same rule should apply to your dog. You can either use a crate in your car, buy a doggy harness or put your dog in the boot of the car with the parcel seat removed.

Don’t let them hang their heads out of the window

Although it looks cute when you see a dog hanging out of a car window, it can be dangerous as there may be flying debris, or obstacles, that can cause injury to your dog. So keep him safe, and keep the window firmly shut or just open a fraction.

Get your dog used to travelling by car

If you’ve just got your dog, or he’s not been used to car journeys; start with short journeys and offer lots of encouragement and love when your dog has done well.

Don’t feed your dog for an hour or 2 before journeys

If you’re unsure of how your dog will react, avoid feeding him for an hour or so before the journey to avoid any car sickness

Stop frequently

Especially for long journeys, be sure to stop often and let your dog relieve himself and have small treats and access to water. If you’re on a long journey and stop at services, find a grassy verge where your dog can have a little walk.

Keep your dog’s collar on

Whilst it may seem unnecessary to keep your dog’s collar on, you never know if he might jump out when you open the door so make sure you keep your dog’s ID on his collar; just in case

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