Let’s face it, our dogs are our family and we want them to have a great life – even when you can’t be there; due to work commitments or other events. So many people chonse to employ a dog walker to give the exercise & stimulation to your dog; when you’re not around. However, you want to be certain that you are choosing a reliable and trustworthy dog walking service

At My Pawfect Adventure we provide a professional service and want you to be comfortable that you’ve made the right choice for your dog when you’re not around. So what makes our service so trustworthy?

1. We come and meet you & your dogs

We don’t just turn up to walk your dogs, we come to your home and meet you & your best friends and spend some time getting to know them (and letting them get used to me!). I also want you to know me and building the professional relationship gives you peace of mind that I’m trustworthy and reliant. Afterall, I’m not only looking after your dogs but will have a key to your house so trust is paramount.

At this ‘meet & greet’, I’ll ask all about your dog’s temperament, likes & dislikes, behavoir with other dogs, whether your dogs can be walked off-lead (with your written permission only), diet advice etc. Plus you can ask me lots of questions and ensure you get honest answers which will further build your trust.

This meeting is free and I’m happy to schedule according to your availability.

2. A dog walker should be DBS checked and Insured

If you’re entrusting a dog walker to enter your home, it’s important that they are DBS checked. Our checks are complete and I’m happy to produce the certificate on request. Insurance is a must too and these documents can be provided too

3. What happens in an emergency?

Your dog walker should be able to answer this question confidently and we take the details of your vets and an emergency contact telephone number. I’m also certified in Canine CPR & Animal First Aid so would be able to administer immediate care and treatment.

4. What other dogs will your dog be walked with?

Rest assured, all Pawfect dogs are friendly and I work hard to ensure each ‘pack’ is the perfect fit for each other; in terms of temperament, level of exercise needed or any other needs. On my own, I’d never walk more than 5 dogs, with which I was fully confident.

5. Will I come home to dirty pawprints in my home?

No! I have a portable Hozelock shower and plenty of fresh towels so will always get muddy dogs as clean as possible before I drop them in your home. I can even feed your dogs before I leave, at no extra charge.

6. Is is safe to leave your key with a dog walker?

As mentioned above, I’m DBS checked and will keep all keys in a locked safebox and each key is password protected (no addresses on the keys) and the passwords are kept on my laptop, which is also password protected. I’d bring a form to our meeting so you can sign over your key and this gives you extra protection

Choosing a dog walker is an important decision, anyone can advertise themselves as a dog walker, but that doesn’t mean they have the experience or set-up necessary to keep your dog safe and happy. Unfortunately, this industry – unlike dog home boarding – doesn’t require a license or any kind of regulation but this will hopefully change in future


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