Many people feed leftovers to their dogs and see this is a way of spoiling their beloved pet. Most treats are fine and, as you know, most dogs will eat anything! However, there are certain foods that you should never give to your dog; here are the top 5:


Whether it’s white, milk or dark chocolate; almost all dogs react badly to some ingredients in chocolate including caffeine (1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine) and methylxanthines theobromine (3, 7-dimethylxanthine) which can affect a dog’s heart and nervous system.


Although you’re unlikely to give raw onion to a dog, Afterall it’s not something most of us would eat ourselves; you may give them leftover dishes that have onion in the food. However, onions can be toxic to dogs and symptoms can range from stomach upset to weakness and anemia and may even be deadly in certain amounts.


Avocado is part of the diet of many people now, due to its ‘superfood’ status. However, the fruit can be extremely toxic to dogs as it contains Persin which is a garlic substance that upsets a dog’s stomach.


Whilst it may seem like a no-brainer to give alcohol to dogs, I have seen posts on Facebook where it has – unbelievably – happened! We all know that alcohol can have an effect on our own health, but dogs are much smaller; as are their organs. This means the effect is much more severe and can affect a dog’s organs including their liver, brain and heart.


Like onion, you’re unlikely to feed your dog raw garlic however it is often contained in dishes which may end up in your dog’s bowl. However, garlic is considered to be about five times as toxic as onions for dogs

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